About Us


‘Shree’, a Sanskrit word, symbolises wealth, abundance and prosperity. The Indian goddess of wealth, Shree Mahalakshmi, is known to bestow wealth and prosperity. This symbol was chosen as a means to communicate our brand’s identity and vision accurately. We aim to bring prosperity to people, bring financial growth, and enhance their lives.

We are an independent, full-service, investment solutions firm operating since 2005. After two decades of experience, we have a customer base of more than 2,500 client patrons and manage financial assets & investments worth more than 100 crores.

We aim to understand our customer’s requirements, design & fund their goals, and manage their wealth as we would ours. With our firm, one can expect honest investment guidance without any discrepancies. We work towards building lasting relationships by offering customized and unbiased financial solutions that suit our clients’ requirements.


Be financially independent.

Our capabilities extend beyond investment management, which enables us to help our clients in all aspects of their financial lives.

Shreeda Wealth is structured into three divisions:

  • ● Private Wealth
  • ● Stock Broking
  • ● Insurance Management

Looking to improve your financial planning? Allow us to help you.

At Shreeda Wealth, we set the expectations right by ensuring our client partners receive impartial guidance in financial planning and understanding the best alternatives in various financial circumstances.

We get to know our clients before strategizing a plan for them. We have a team of experts who take the time to listen to and understand the current situation of our clients, pick suitable services for them and offer comprehensive solutions to help them realize their desired outcomes.

We take great pride in providing continued support and patronage to our clients.


Leadership Team

With over 55 years of experience together, there is an assortment of virtues combined with skill that any client will experience and receive the best of while interacting with this team.

  • 1. Amit Patel
    17+ years of experience in the field of Investment Banking & Financial Services.
    Head Business Affairs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, and Private Wealth
  • 2. Rakesh Patel
    18+ years in the field of Stock Broking and Investment.
    Head Operations and Services Departments.
  • 3. Alpesh Kadiya
    22+ years in the field of Stock Broking.
    Head Stock Broking Department.


Our vision is to become the most trusted and reputed firm for unbiased personalized investment.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and in helping them realize their financial dreams and aspirations. We want to cater to each individual by personalizing financial plans for them based on their unique goals.


We are on a mission to transform 10,000 families by educating and empowering them in the fields of Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

By empowering people in these fields, we aim to enable them to lead better and more financially secure lives. We aspire to approach savings and investments with a researched and disciplined approach with our clientele’s best interests in mind.


Our purpose is to help our customers generate long term wealth and create Real Stories of Financial Happiness. We raise awareness about the negative effects of gambling among investors in the market and firmly believe that gambling is injurious to wealth.

We wish to empower and uplift people to not only give them security but also financial freedom. By doing so, we wish to help better the quality of people’s lives.

Our Approach

In order to simplify our clientele’s finances for them and help them create wealth, we first educate them on options and methods available to them in order to do so.

We strive to provide the right knowledge, guidance and coaching with research so that we ensure that their assets are safe and they are aware of the plans we will be executing for them.